Get Into The “Positive User Experience” Mindset

These figures shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have been keeping up with the cutting edge of web design these days, but for the sake of being comprehensive, let’s go over them again (from Smart Insights):

– Over 20% of Google searches are being performed on a mobile device.
– In 2012 more than half of the local searches were performed on a mobile device.
– In the United States, 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device.
– 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.
– 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, and 10.16% are opened on tablets.

In addition, according to Google’s Think Insights on Mobile, if a user lands on your mobile website and is frustrated or doesn’t see what they are looking for, there’s a 61% chance they will leave immediately and go to another website (most likely a competitors…). Google also points out that if the user has a positive experience with your mobile website a user is 67% more likely to buy a product or use a service.

These figures paint an accurate picture of current internet trends, and all indications predict these trends will only increase. The task for web designers and website owners must therefore focus on adapting their current digital infrastructure to meet the evolving technological climate, and in the end, it all comes down to positive user experience. The online marketing world is viciously competitive, and if you want your business to shine brighter than the rest, there are two equally-important concepts to be mindful of. The first is simple, and it has been around since the beginning of history: have a better product than your competitor. The second is similarly simple, and is really just a re-work of the first principle for our current day and age: offer a better user experience than your competitor. The same products are available from countless suppliers—you need to set yourself apart from the crowd by having the fastest, most responsive, and most user-friendly website out there.

If you are still questioning the value of having a responsive, mobile-optimized website, I suggest you check out the “Full Value of Mobile” calculator by Google. You can input a variety of variables about your business and marketing strategy and it will give you a full report on how your metrics can be increased with proper responsive design. Or, just give the crew at Inspirable a call at 206.455.2810! We love chatting about the benefits of responsive design, and sometimes it’s just nicer to talk to a real person.

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